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  • Translation in the following subject areas: 

- general subject 

- tourism

- education / didactics

- investissement / finance

- real estate

               - linguistics 

- literature

  • Proof-reading

           - Proofreading and edition of texts and documents in French

  • Localisation

         - Adapting your contents to your target audience according to their language and culture


  • Liaison interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Conferences
  • Meeting 
  • Guiding and accompaniment


  • Language training for professional staff according to your specific needs
  • Chinese Civilisation and Culture training to adapt your services to the Chinese clients
  • Compilation of specific glossary in relation with your activity
  • Help in recruiting Sinophone staff for your company


  • Realization and translation of websites
  • Content redaction for search engine optimisation (French & Chinese only)
  • Creation of professional networks in China

Free estimate, contact us